5 most common questions about website development for business

If you’re weighing up the options for web design and web development, it can be hard to decide the best way forward. Having an online presence for your business has never been more important, but with so many options, it can be hard to decide on the best way forward.

We’re here to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions, which we’ve heard from many businesses over the years.

Do I need to sell online to have a website?

The short answer: no, absolutely not.

Many businesses are not in a position to sell their products or services online. That’s perfectly okay, as a good, engaging website will serve your business in other ways. A smart, brochure-style website will boost awareness of your business and build trust. If people can find your business online and have a look at what you do, they’re much more likely to pick up the phone, or call in to have a look in person.

Restaurant websites are a great example of this. How many times have you looked at a menu online before making a reservation? Websites do more than just sell – they communicate with your audience, turning casual browsers into customers.

For an example of what’s possible, take a look at Bridgefoot House. We designed their brand and website in 2020, and manage their online marketing activity as well.

What eCommerce platform should I choose?

There are a lot of web hosting platforms that make it easy to get online, and weighing up the pros & cons can be a lot to digest.

As a creative agency, we always recommend WordPress. Its customisation capabilities and flexibility are second to none.

While drag and drop style website platforms can save time for simple web layouts, they can often be more costly in the long run. Some do not allow for more than basic customisation, and other require dedicated, platform-specific web developers to take your website from a simple template to something more refined.

WordPress makes it easy to start with a simple website, and build from there as your business expands. There is always the option to add more pages and functionality as you grow. We also prefer it for its customisation as mentioned; all our websites are custom-built and as unique as the businesses they represent. Our design team represents your brand, and our development team makes sure your website work for you and your customers.

For an example of WordPress’s flexibility, take a look at the custom eCommerce website we built for O’Hehirs Cafe & Bakery. We built custom cake-ordering calculators that allow the user to customise their standard cakes.

How long does it take?

Generally, if you have a strong brand, web development takes between 4 and 6 weeks from the initial strategy planning to receiving the login details to your new website. 

However, if your business is new, or is just transitioning online, there might be some preliminary brand work to do, ahead of getting online. Having a strong, modern brand is an essential component to getting online, and if your brand is falling short, your website will be missing out on its full potential. Branding work can extend the timeline based on your needs.    

Can I integrate to my in-store ePOS system?

The answer is almost always yes. It depends on what system you’re currently using, and what functionality you need from your website. If there are issues, we are always happy to look into it and provide workable solutions.

How will this impact my regular business?

A good website should only expand your business opportunities, giving current customers an online option while expanding awareness to new audiences and winning new customers. Your business isn’t restricted by location online, so you can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world.        

Still have questions? Get in touch! Our team will be happy to go on a free discovery call to see how a website can help your business. 

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