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Social Media Management

In Europe, the average person spends over an hour a day on social media. Social media is a great way for businesses to engage with their customers, get in front of new audiences, and convert sales. At BRAND POWER, we can manage everything from daily social media activity to performance advertising to boost your bottom line.

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An Engaging Social Media Strategy

We’re here to craft the perfect social media management strategy specific to your business, your goals, and your audience to encourage engagement, leads, and sales. Engaging with your audience on social media is vital through every stage of the sales journey so developing a holistic approach to how you manage your channels is crucial for turning leads into conversions and maintaining a strong competitive advantage. 


Audit & Objectives

Improve your existing social & define goals within a set timeframe


Competitor Analysis

Explore what competitors in your market are doing to set yourself apart


Identify Personas

We define who you’re targeting, so we know where best to engage them


Content Creation

Craft the graphics, videos, and text that will connect with your audience


Audience Building

Identify, engage and cultivate new and expanded audiences to drive brand awareness


Optimisation & Testing

We evaluate your strategy and content performance through audits and tests to optimise the perfect approach for your brand


Focusing On Results

Using our vast knowledge of the social media landscape and the various tools we have at our disposal, we’re able to give you an accurate insight into where your brand is right now on social – and where you could be with our help. With 90% of marketers already seeing an increase in brand exposure, social media marketing is here to stay.

Social listening gives you an opportunity to track, analyze, and respond to interactions about your brand, your products and your competitors on social media and is crucial to the process of audience research. While social media monitoring looks at key metrics like engagement rate and number of mentions, social listening goes behind just quantitative data to really examine how your customers feel about you and your competitors.

Understanding how people view and consume your brand can not only improve your marketing and product development efforts but it gives you the opportunity to develop a personal connection with your customers long term. Social listening is another way to engage with your customers, track your competitors and identify possible pain points. The key valuable insights that social listening provides can be efficiently and professionally sought out by our social media experts and be directly fed into your social media strategy.

Audience segmentation is the process of grouping people based on shared characteristics. Audience segmentation avoids any kind of generic strategy because it makes your marketing efforts more personalized by tailoring your message to resonate specifically with certain groups of customers. Devoting time to audience segmentation, discovery and strategy will position your business for success in the long term, and make your results more meaningful.

Combining audience segmentation with an understanding of the social channels and platforms best suited to reach a particular group will help your brand drive more targeted campaigns. With a clear understanding of your audiences and their likes and dislikes, you can identify the best groups to target, provide the best customer experience and ultimately influence the path to purchase.

Crafting a detailed persona of your ideal customer is an important step in your social media marketing strategy since 80% of marketers say content created for a persona is more effective. Developing personas for your business is the perfect way to create more detailed, data-driven customer profiles, reducing the chance of serving irrelevant content. Transforming this demographic information into a visual persona helps establish a deeper understanding of your customers and their evolving needs and preferences. A well-envisioned persona can help determine the topics, ideas, and keywords that should be incorporated into your content in order to reach your ideal audience. 

At BRAND POWER, we understand that in the age of social media, what works today may not work tomorrow and businesses need to be able to adapt successfully in a rapidly changing online environment. To ensure your strategy is up to scratch, we are constantly tracking, measuring, and reporting on key performance indicators such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates to optimise your social media strategy.

Measuring your social media metrics is important because we can quantifiably see how successful a campaign is, how well your social strategy is performing, and the impact on your overall business. Evaluating your strategy and content performance through audits and tests ensures that we can tweak and update as needed to stay competitive. 


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Social Media for eCommerce

With more and more internet users buying online each year, the eCommerce industry is booming. Social media is a powerful tool for marketing and promotion and helps eCommerce businesses identify customers, engage with them, and build trust. By cultivating a promising brand presence on social media, it offers another effective way for you to grow brand awareness and send valuable traffic to your site. However, social media is not just a destination for posting content and driving traffic. With a social media strategy in place, it can be an effective way to convert followers into customers and engagement into purchases.


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