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The Power Programme

What is the Power Programme?

The Power Programme is an exclusive, unique programme that is intended to empower your business with its very own personalized marketing department. This ultimate marketing option requires you to outsource your marketers from our vast crop of experienced individuals. 

With our expert teams of content creators, designers, strategy experts & videographers, your marketing strategies are effective and efficient.

We have in place all techniques, tools and expertise to successfully market your business digitally. Increasing your sales, brand awareness and creating strong relationships with your customers is our main objective. 

With the Power Programme, stand out among competition, carve and develop your unique brand image, propagate extremely viral contents and organize hugely successful marketing campaigns.

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Power Programme Services

Marketing Consultation & Strategy Planning

Marketing Consultation & Strategy Planning

It’s time to get creative and think strategically. Working closely together, your Brand Power accounts manager
utilizes all our services to create your marketing strategy and set out your marketing goals.

Web Traffic & Online Presence

Web Traffic & Online Presence

In today’s world, your business must be using the internet to reach more clients and customers. We invite you to work
with our dedicated team that never stops innovating to make your website more functional and engaging.

Social Media Advertising & PR

Social Media Advertising & PR

Take advantage of the mass targeting platforms we have nowadays called Social Media. Our social media team will
help you stand out from the crowd and generate real results through social media.

Videography & Photography

Videography & Photography

Videography is the process of creating video contents for the use on social media, tv or relevant online platforms. Videography involves three stages: the pre-production, production and post-production. Maintaining an ongoing, strong video presence is a game changer when competing against competitors in today’s world.

Content, Email & Web Design

Content, Email & Web Design

Our email and web design digital marketing solution promotes the effectiveness of your email campaigns. As part
of digital marketing agency, we ensure proper use of emails and web design as significant tools in brand campaign.

Graphic Design & Branding

Graphic Design & Branding

We pride ourselves in taking care of all your companies graphic design needs giving your brand a revamped look.
We have a pool of experts ready to cater any of your graphic design/branding needs either creating it from scratch.

FAQ’s Answered

Why should we join the Power Programme?

The power programme is meant to equip you with your unique marketing unit. That is, for your brand, you have a team of highly talented and qualified individuals who have all excelled in their fields. What’s more, these professionals are present for every working hour, so what could possibly go wrong? So, putting into consideration the exclusive benefits you have access to, we ask you this: “why should you not join the power programme?”

How do you get to know us as a company?

Think of us more like an in-house marketing team. Working closely with your team, and with an insight in today’s marketing world like no other, we pick up your companies message, tone and core values in no time.

Where is your marketing agency based?

Our agency is headquartered at The WestGate, Finisklin Business Park, Sligo. However, we have talented executive throughout Ireland, working with companies of all sizes. 

How much of my time do I need to dedicate to this?

The amount of your time needed depends on your choice. Our experts are duly equipped, hence can work without any supervision or guidance. We say that you just do your business while we do the marketing.

Is there an effective reporting structure to the programme?

Yes, there is an effective reporting structure to the power programme. This is as important to us as important to you. This is because we want to monitor processes and measure performances. 

Do I have an account manager?

Yes, you have your account manager. They stare the ship tapping into the many departments at Brand Power, ensuring your business is effectively utilizing all marketing techniques.
Constant Marketing Presence

Constant Marketing Presence

Same As An In-house Marketing Dept.

Same as an in-house marketing dept.

Experienced Marketing Team.

Experienced marketing team.

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