Brand Development, Website Development
Brookhaven Healthcare
- July 15th 2019
Brookhaven Healthcare

Reimagining care homes online

Brookhaven Healthcare are a group of care homes & nursing homes across Ireland, dedicated to the social, recreational and physical health of residents. We were tasked with designing to a new brand to reflect their welcoming atmosphere and modern approach to care, and a website to make them accessible and approachable online.

Brookhaven Healthcare

Our Response

We did this by creating a new brand with soft greens and purples to reflect the calm, warm environment of their care homes. Their residents’ health and happiness is their top priority, so we carried this through in the brand messaging online through content creation on the website. We also placed a focus on making the website feel open, welcoming and easy to navigate, to reflect a similar experience in the physical care homes across the country. Our goal was to revolutionise the presence of nursing homes online.

Launch Website