EJ Menswear
- July 15th 2019
EJ Menswear

The Cheeky Blinders in the 21st century

Ej Menswear are an award – winning independent menswear store located in Sligo. When they approached Brand Power, they wished to build their brand awareness in the lead up to Christmas.

Our Responce

Our Response

We recognised that Ej Menswear’s main customers were males aged 18 – 40, who are frequent social media users. We capitalised on their existing strong social media presence, and created a six – part video series, optimised for social media, parodying the popular TV show Peaky Blinders. The parody was aptly named ‘The Cheeky Blinders’ and featured products sold at Ej Menswear. The videos proved a hit, and raised brand awareness considerably during a competitive season.